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Category Archives: Active Directory

Creating custom MMC consoles

I was going to write an article about authoring your own MMC consoles and I may still do that, however the main reason why I would want to create my own MMC console and lock it down is if I were delegating certain tasks to a junior administrator (like user management in Active Directory). It […]

Infrastructure Master FSMO role and Global Catalogs in your Active Directory domain

Remember: If only some of your Domain Controllers are Global Catalogs make sure that the domain controller that holds your Infrastructure FSMO role1 is not a Global Catalog. The reason for this is that a global catalog that holds the infrastructure master role will stop looking for and removing phantom objects in your directory since […]

Make use of additional UPN suffixes for your Active Directory domain

With the advent of Active Directory, the old school Security Accounts Manager (SAM) account names are almost a thing of the past, not that anyone got the memo. Most people still authenticate to their domain using their SAM account name, which is usually DOMAIN\username; with DOMAIN being the NETBIOS name for the AD domain. While […]