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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The host command

One routinely needs to look up the name or IP of a machine or other device on the network. A popular way of finding out an IP address from a hostname is with the ping command, however, this only works if you need the IP address, not if you need the host name. There are […]

Optimal Gmail experience on the iPhone

Google recently announced that they are discontinuing EAS for new non Apps accounts (ie, Gmail). Google’s reasons? Who knows, it’s likely a combination of sticking it to the man or simply wanting to pursue open standards where applicable. Affected platforms and workarounds (that I know about) Android owners: not affected, Google sync works on Android devices out of the […]

December 2012

The year has come and gone… many things happened this year, however let’s see if I can keep up with myself and post at least one useful nugget a few times a week…or dare I say: daily?!