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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Saved Windows Credentials on Windows 7 Home Premium

The problem I have a few Windows 7 Home Premium machines at home which I network together. I don’t use HomeGroups yet, and may not in the near future but I do keep some resources on the network that each machine has to access. Windows 7 Home Premium (and lower) does not remember credentials for […]

Remember to check the MAC address

Today I encountered a weird issue with a new machine I was setting up. The NIC on the machine worked to PXE boot and install Windows XP off the WDS server at work, however once I installed the drivers for the NIC on Windows XP and obtained an IP address from DHCP I couldn’t reach […]

Know about WinRM (Remote Management) and WinRS (Remote Shell)

  I just recently migrated my data to another machine (to use as a file server) since it has a Sans Digital NAS attached to it. Normally working with files across the network (I now map a shared drive to the share on the server) is perfectly acceptable – however, there are some operations better […]

Indexing additional mailboxes in Outlook 2007

I recently came across an issue where an administrative assistant needed to search her boss’s huge mailbox while it was attached in Online mode to her Outlook profile. Normally, Outlook search will work for certain folders (like Calendar and Contacts) because it caches those folders from attached mailboxes so that they can be indexed; however […]

Migrating to Google Apps (part 4)

Google Apps with Exchange ActiveSync I am an iPhone user, having adopted the device with the iPhone 3G (as soon as Exchange ActiveSync support was added). Needless to say, I depend on the excellent ActiveSync protocol for push email, calendar and contact synchronization. I think I started considering Google Apps a viable solution for my […]

Migrating to Google Apps (part 3)

Outlook issue: duplicates everywhere Once the Google Sync tool completes the first synchronization of the mailbox you will see a replica of your Google Mail inbox in the mail folders pane in Outlook. Aside from the built-in Outlook folders (of which Inbox, Sent Items, and Deleted Items are mapped to Inbox, Sent Mail, and Trash […]

Migrating to Google Apps (part 2)

Migration pains The Google Apps Sync tool for Microsoft Outlook creates a new Outlook profile so that you can keep any other accounts separate from your Google Apps account (Exchange promotes this type of profile use as well). This tool is what eventually keeps your mail, contacts and calendar synchronized between Outlook and the cloud. […]

Migrating to Google Apps (part 1)

Why I made the decision Google Apps is Google’s response to Microsoft Exchange environments. Each have their pros and cons, and honestly, in the workplace Google Apps is still playing catch-up to Exchange but I was looking for something I could use for my personal email account. Having access to all your emails, calendars and […]

Public Service Announcement: Make sure your backups are up to date

I am sure this has happened to more people than would care to admit it: Your clients’ (or your employer’s) backups are running smooth and you correct any hiccup right away but you are lazy about your own backups. So I start my (somewhat shameful) and hopefully eye opening post. A few days ago I […]