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Creating custom MMC consoles

I was going to write an article about authoring your own MMC consoles and I may still do that, however the main reason why I would want to create my own MMC console and lock it down is if I were delegating certain tasks to a junior administrator (like user management in Active Directory).

It turns out that Daniel Petri has already written an excellent article which shows how an administrator can create a “Taskpad” which is essentially a custom MMC console which is locked down to a set of specific administrative tasks. This taskpad can then be used by a junior administrator on a day to day basis as an alternative to granting him direct access to Active Directory for a certain domain.

This is also useful when you want an office manager or a department head to keep the AD attributes of an OU he is responsible for up to date with contact/company information, such as title, manager, phone numbers, etc.

Daniel’s article can be found here: Create Taskpads for Active Directory Operations


Make sure to look around on Daniel’s site, as it contains a plethora of other useful information.

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