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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Infrastructure Master FSMO role and Global Catalogs in your Active Directory domain

Remember: If only some of your Domain Controllers are Global Catalogs make sure that the domain controller that holds your Infrastructure FSMO role1 is not a Global Catalog. The reason for this is that a global catalog that holds the infrastructure master role will stop looking for and removing phantom objects in your directory since […]

About mailbox searching in Outlook 2003/2007 [with Exchange]

A quick tip for anyone who is experiencing issues searching their mailbox on Outlook 2003 (with or without Windows Search) and Outlook 2007 (preferably with Windows Search enabled on non-Vista/7 machines). If the mailbox mode is in Online mode, that is, it is not in Cached Exchange Mode, you might want/have to enable Cached Exchange […]

Make use of additional UPN suffixes for your Active Directory domain

With the advent of Active Directory, the old school Security Accounts Manager (SAM) account names are almost a thing of the past, not that anyone got the memo. Most people still authenticate to their domain using their SAM account name, which is usually DOMAIN\username; with DOMAIN being the NETBIOS name for the AD domain. While […]

Remember to use the Synthetic SCSI Controller in your Hyper-V VMs

A few minutes ago I was going over the Server 2008 Performance Tuning Guidelines1 and one of the recommendations for the Hyper-V role caught my eye, it was something I’d previously read before, but for whatever reason wasn’t currently implementing in my infrastructure: The Synthetic SCSI Controller. The synthetic SCSI storage controller performs better over […]

A tip for working with accounts on Windows 7 Home Premium

I have two HTPCs at home, one in my bedroom and one in my living room (*cough*, the living room HTPC is coming soon), as well as another notebook that my lady uses. These machines are a perfect candidate for the Windows 7 family pack that Microsoft is offering for $150, which is good news […]

Work with files using PowerShell

Quick reminder to myself, since this can easily be looked up online, the following code snippets are useful for mass renaming files in a directory, for instance when renaming a series of TV Show episodes into a format that TV Rename can recognize and subsequently rename with correct episode title information for use in XBMC. […]